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Make Story Time Magical

Give a child you love a book that will really draw them in, in more ways than one! Just upload a few photos, and we'll put them right into their own personalized storybook.

We use AI to make real images of your child fit right into the story by removing the background of the photo, adding shadows, adjusting the color/hue to match the scene, and adding their name and pronouns to the story. This results in an immersive and relatable reading experience for children, designed to encourage an interest in books and reading.

If you're looking for a unique gift that will wow your child with an experience nobody else can offer, create your book today! They'll absolutely love it.

Look Inside

Note: original images included below only to help visualize how it works. These will not appear in your finished book.

How To Make Your Book

Just enter your child's name/nickname and some other basic information, upload a few photos of them wearing the same outfit (for continuity in the story), and we'll do the rest! You should receive your book in about two weeks.

Oh, and we offer free shipping!

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