What Pictures to Use

Our automated system will extract any people that are in the photos you provide, so please ensure that only the star of the book is in each shot. Also, in the book, they'll be in the same pose and have the same expression as they do in the uploaded images, so for the sake of variety from page to page, we need at least two (2) pictures of them in the same outfit. More pictures offer more variety (and room for error if any don't work well), so for best results, we recommend 3-7. 

Also, there are a few more thing to keep in mind:

  • (Most Important) Fill most of the frame with the whole kid, head to toe, without cutting off any hands or feet. You can crop images using our upload tool, but please ensure the resolution is decent. 
  • Have the same outfit in each picture of the set. Otherwise, your kid will have different outfits from one page to the next. But younger kids might not notice.
  • Take pictures from their height. Crouch down if possible. This is generally a good tip for taking pictures of kids so their heads don't end up looking super big compared to their bodies, which is a trick a lot of family photographers use.

Things to avoid:

  • No portrait shots. Full body head to toes should be in the frame. 
  • No other people in the shot.
  • Make sure they're not too far away so when we zoom in, we have enough detail to work with.
  • No hats
  • Nothing in hands (toys, etc.).



If you have a child with special needs that prevents you from taking pictures that meet these requirements, please contact us, and we'll figure out a way to make one for you.