New Lower Pricing and Multi-Book Discount

New Lower Pricing and Multi-Book Discount

We're happy to announce that thanks to improvements to the backend algorithms that generate our books, as well as our ability to reduce the costs associated with making our books using new generative AI techniques, we've been able to reduce our pricing! 

Our pricing is now closer to what our most of competitors who offer generic avatars offer, which we hope will make it much easier to choose us. Check out our books for our new prices today.

Each Slokie book is made using a few different machine learning and computer vision algorithms, but we still manually check each order and make a few adjustments here and there, which is one of the reasons why our books cost a little more than the personalized books that just use generic avatars.

But our Black Friday Sale allowed us to test the reliability of our new backend improvements at a higher-than-normal order volume and see how much human intervention was still needed. It's still not a perfect process. We still need to review each book prior to printing. But we've come a long way in the past few months, and anticipate our processes improving even more in the coming months.

To sweeten the pot further, we're also going to offer a hefty discount on orders with more than one book. This is because most of the time we're spending (i.e. cost) on fixing issues is with photos that aren't in the needed format. Getting back to customers and getting that sorted out is as easy for one book as two or more, so we're hoping this will be a nice motivator to help our customers with multiple kids get one for each. We're launching this discount at 20% off the entire order but may adjust this as we see how it works in practice. This discount will be automatically applied at checkout.


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