Slokie Goes Live!

Slokie Goes Live!

We just wrapped up our closed beta period, and I'm pleased to announce that Slokie LLC is live and taking orders. I'd like to offer a special thank you to all the beta testers who helped identify problems and make suggestions. 

As a parent, one of my favorite times of day is when I get to put my children to bed. My daughter would always request that I tell her a story, and of course, it had to have her as the star! This sparked an idea for me. What if I could write a book that would let anyone make their child into the hero of the story?

At Slokie, we create personalized children's books. Well, one book for now, but more are coming soon. But what sets us apart from others in this space is that we don't use generic avatars or placeholder characters with gloves and hoods and blank faces to be filled in later. Instead, we use advanced technology, such as deep learning and various computer vision techniques to place your kid into their own unique superhero origin story involving faeries and trolls!

All you need to do is simply upload a set of pictures of your child from your phone or computer - you can even pull directly from your social media accounts! Their images are stylized to appear as if they'd been drawn right into the story.

And we're also experimenting with some even cooler, cutting-edge technology to make things even more personalized down the road, including dynamic background art and stories, along with an even simpler user experience.

But our first book is a really cool gift for your favorite kid. And to celebrate our launch, we're doing a 50% off sale! So come check us out today and get your favorite kids their new favorite bedtime story.

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